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My greatest missions as an artist is to ensure that the viewer at first sight senses the romance, harmony and beauty in my paintings. At further exploration the viewer should come across one or more underlying disturbing elements. A painting must have an edge, a quirkiness just as life itself. We are never allowed to live in full harmony. There has to be something to scour our eyes and soul in order to let the light in.

My apple girls with their backs facing the viewer consciously create a tension and, for some, an internal provocation. It disturbs us that her back is turned on us. The way I see it, she is merely looking in the same direction as you and I as observers. That creates an unpredictable moment and it can be temptingly refreshing, but also annoyingly provocative not being able to see her face. The girl with her back towards the viewer creates a tension and it is up to the viewer to finish the story. A direct facial expression sometimes reveals less than that which is only suggested…


Take for instance the girl on this painting, which is a bit blurred: The blur ignites our curiosity and questions where she is heading – is she going to disappear completely in a while, when she takes another step into the deep blue Sea of the Sky? As viewers we are not quite sure where she is heading. The green tree is the symbol of the unpredictable nature, which seduces us deeper into the story.


The light in my works is paramount for the final outcome. The light is vibrations and energies, also referred to as Angelic strokes.